Friday, March 30, 2018


World is full of people lost in eternity, I like to feel for people's  loneliness which deprives them of being happy.It would be like a alien on, our mother earth losing real connection of world.When work
become burdensome ,family start becoming a burden then life starts to show its real color. Art of illusion will take over reality and start to dictate our life, when we are mentally lost in this world. Today's technology  becoming aliment to the lost world. The alienated world of lost is full of sorrow,unconnected to human sufferings.The macabre world of lost, punchers the wheel of happiness. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Imagining life before independence

I was relishing my freedom like a child who was free of bondage of responsibilities,the place i live can even pacify the most turbulent mind.Serenity of my place making me tending to tranquility.One bright morning suddenly in my tranquil mind ,a turbulent scene arrived(of our freedom struggle).My mind till now was tranquil suddenly was disturbed.In the disturbed state ,my mind started to interrogate me.How was the days of freedom struggle??,How were the lives of Indians living under the terrifying shadow of Britishers??.I started to remember there sacrifice ,my mood otherwise
in jubilant state ,started to deteriorate towards sober.In that sober mood, i started feeling there pain ("people  who were present before independence").Though i was born after Indian Independence,i got a feel by the books i read.I can only imagine there stertorous state.The freedom we engulf is gift of  there struggle to come out of stertorous state.The sovereignty we enjoy now ,was just a day dream in those days.Imagine there state, suppression of freedom,complete draining of economy.If we can imagine a part of globe , absence of basic freedom,the cruelty that our fore fathers were facing.We Indians now live in far better world then our fore fathers has lived.I  Compassionately, remembering there sacrifices signing off.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Chatrapathi shivaji:My hero part1

I like him but never followed him.
In medieval Indian history one King who is "raja dharma" personified is Chatrapathi Shivaji.Even Vivekananda praises his bravery and heart for poor.Between all cruel muslim rulers a man with his great character withstood these attacks of cruel Kings.Though illiterate he was man of wisdom,he was tolerant towards all religions being a hindu, a complete secular minded.Religious tolerance at its high,he was ready to imbibe good thoughts of other religion being a staunch hindu.One thing we can learn from him is that , when there is a misrule going on, have the bravery to speak out.When he was in aurangazebs court, he was brave enough to the cruel aurangazeb to point out how cruel ruler he was.His chivalry unmatched,generosity at its peak.(to be continued)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Proving There is God(A research)

This article is a challenge to atheist and  atheistic scientific community.After reading this article you will agree with me that there is god.Ever thought how  vladimir lenin(Russian communist revolutionary) alone overthrown such powerful czars, how martin luther king alone galvanized such a big crowd,how Gandhi alone could inspire so many Indians,how vivekananda alone kindled so many people.If you take lenin's case ,how come he got the threat warning early and changed his places frequently,according to me that's divine intuition which kept warning lenin.If you go deeper into Einstein's thought he says::
  There were many scientists greater and more intelligent then Einstein but why his equation so famous? There is something called character which makes people famous.Even further into vivekananda thought he says difference between divine spirit and devil is just grace.If you study vivekananda you can know that divine spirits have grace that separates them with ordinary people.He do mentions that selfless thing is moral. I can infer that more the selflessness more the moral strength
more famous you are.The most common thing in ever famous personality is there selflessness.Where there is selflessness there is grace.For example take bhagath singh, seeing him has a India you always salute him that's grace.Vivekananda very wise head with his reasoning 100 years back just reveled the secret.If you study Einstein's thought he accepts that his inventions are all intuitive.The intuition separates a famous person from infamous.They are two types of intuition divine another devilish,divine intuition are famous people,devilish intuition are infamous(Hitler). (to be continued)       

Monday, October 26, 2015

Patriotism vs jingoism a study

Lets first start with comprehending words Patriotism and jingoism,Patriotism is a true love for ones country but it even plaudits the work of other countries.Patriotism is a positive feeling which creates a aura of brotherhood, which kindles the competitive spirit which in turn makes a country more developed.From the history we can take many examples of great people who were real patriots ,like gandhi in India, he led Indian National Struggle from front,he was adamant with his beliefs which provided aura of brotherhood and just kindled every Indian.Patriotism in true sense likes ones country to be in world stage. For example in cold war world, its the patriotism that made new technological advancements, its the patriotism which even kindles the intellectual capital of a country to delve into new horizons,its the patriotism which helps to dilate intellect  to unlimited boundaries.Patriotism can be in true sense a kinder form of love for once country.The country which is full of patriotism is the country which moves towards development more faster.In a mathematical way i can infer that Patriotism is directly proportional to the development.Patriotism is a constructive feeling.Patriotism is heavenly.Patriotism is like a flower which tries to blossom and spreads the fragrance in all direction.Patriotism is a selfless love.
        Lets now try to comprehend jingoism, in a true sense jingoism is a violent form of patriotism and a destructive feeling.It never plaudits the work of other countries and never try to learn from others, its a closed form of patriotism.From the history if we take some examples the one person strikes our mind is Adolf Hitler,he was true jingoistic.The result was it mislead whole Germany,it made many people ruthlessly killed.We can see what type of destruction it created.The feeling of jingoism is devilish.In a true mathematical sense jingoism is inversely proportional to development.   Jingoism is like a black hole it takes everything and  returns nothing. Jingoism a selfish love.
         I like to conclude that if a country want to develop and shine , patriotism is the perfect guide which will escort towards that goals.    

Monday, October 12, 2015

Bathukamma:Divine Floral fiesta of Telangana

Bathukamma Divine  floral arrangement enucleating its essence,the floral arrangement of different flowers arranged in a rhythmic reverence,unfolds a story of itself.It do emphasizes the beauty of god,the teaching of his divine presence.The god through his floral disciples  embedded a coded message to mankind,a divine insight is needed to fathom it.The different colored flowers do show that people are differently made,think and adore differently.Likeness of there belief being the yardstick to be arranged in same row,we can infer further imagining same colored flowers being  followers of a particular religion bonded together in same row.Beautiful message god likes us to imbibe is that,the row of likeness maybe different for different colored flowers but the fragrance being the same.The floral arrangement do teach us the gods message eloquently that paths leading to god may be different but goal being the same.Gods disciples(flowers) tests the candor of ours towards almighty,so is the nine day Gods disciples(flowers) novitiates us. 

They want to teach god's message to us poetically in a rhythmic credence.The tone of there message might be faint,language being a script but meaning being divine revelation.The flowers carry divine light that displace darkness like ignorance from this world.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Thin Bubble Of Hope....

We live in Thin Bubble of Hope.The Hope makes life to be livable,  positive sense of augur  helps the bubble from shattering.The colorful bubble creates a positive aura in which life never ends.Its  better to live in the bubble of hope then being pessimistic.Hope can be divided into rather pessimistic hope and optimistic hope,the thin bubble of hope being a colorful optimistic hope.The dreams we dream  is always attached to hopes,  hope is the driving force which gives the ignition to our engine,Hope is like a spark plug igniting us to complete our dreams.
      When the thin bubble of hope ruptures,it is the indication of life tending towards misery.Rupturing of hope bubble encourages all negative forces to take over the human mind,that's the indication of a downfall.We have to balance the outside forces in such a way that equilibrium is established and the bubble of hope tends to sustain and  remain unaffected.We can analyse this by taking some real examples of our farmers dying,in there case the rupture of hope bubble impinged all the negative feelings to enter and that  tends to  cause there death.When our life crosses the breaking point of hope bubble, then our life is in real danger.The suicidal tendency occurs when thin bubble of hope ruptures, creating a panic in mind of person.The bubble infringes happiness,bubble teaches how to live life in bereaved moments .My bubble betoken's the balanced ways of living life.My bubble says,how to live a optimized life,which is always colorful when lived like it says.The sensitivity of bubble indicates the balance between happiness and sadness.It do implies that there is just a thin sensitive layer that separates  happiness from sadness.We have to calculate sensitivity appropriately to live in happiness.

Hence we have to live in bubble of hope balancing the external forces, to live a colorful life.