Saturday, December 29, 2012

chess jargon

The Below are some of the symbols used in chess.

!  ----------------  Good move.

!! ---------------- Excellent move.

?? ---------------- Blunder.

?! ----------------- Worst move.

++ ---------------- Double check.

+  ----------------- check.

+- ----------------- White Has Advantage.

-+ ----------------- Black Has Advantage.

+/- ---------------- White Has Advantage.

-/+ ---------------- Black Has Advantage.

!? -----------------  Interesting Move.

O-O -------------- Short  Castle(Castling on King Side).

O-O-O ----------- Long Castle(Castling on Queen Side).

N ---------- Knight (  QNc3  means queen side knight on c3 square).

K ----------- King (Kg1  means King on g1 square).

Q ----------- Queen (Qf2  means Queen on f2 square).

B ----------- Bishop (KBg2 means king side bishop on g2 square).

KN --------- King Side Knight( KNf3 means king side Knight on f3 Square).

KB ---------- King Side Bishop.

R ------------ Rook.

QN ----------- Queen Side Knight.

QB -----------  Queen Side Bishop.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Not unleashed till that time....

It was when I was in 6th standard. There was a a literary competition. I love to participate, not sure as what to do.Options were 1.poetry 2.Article.

I opted for poetry and wondering for the title and finally I got one and started to write. Then has come the moment where our miss would check the work we did and send to to a magazine to publish.

She checked mine and asked me to correct few lines.

Few days passed and heard a news from one of the student heyyyy your poem is on the top of the magazine. I was overwhelmed and took the magazine into my hands and could not believe my eyes. It was mentioned as "well versed" and my poem was printed below it.....And I give the entire credit to my teacher who has corrected my lines...