Sunday, September 4, 2016

Imagining life before independence

I was relishing my freedom like a child who was free of bondage of responsibilities,the place i live can even pacify the most turbulent mind.Serenity of my place making me tending to tranquility.One bright morning suddenly in my tranquil mind ,a turbulent scene arrived(of our freedom struggle).My mind till now was tranquil suddenly was disturbed.In the disturbed state ,my mind started to interrogate me.How was the days of freedom struggle??,How were the lives of Indians living under the terrifying shadow of Britishers??.I started to remember there sacrifice ,my mood otherwise
in jubilant state ,started to deteriorate towards sober.In that sober mood, i started feeling there pain ("people  who were present before independence").Though i was born after Indian Independence,i got a feel by the books i read.I can only imagine there stertorous state.The freedom we engulf is gift of  there struggle to come out of stertorous state.The sovereignty we enjoy now ,was just a day dream in those days.Imagine there state, suppression of freedom,complete draining of economy.If we can imagine a part of globe , absence of basic freedom,the cruelty that our fore fathers were facing.We Indians now live in far better world then our fore fathers has lived.I  Compassionately, remembering there sacrifices signing off.