Sunday, November 8, 2015

Chatrapathi shivaji:My hero part1

I like him but never followed him.
In medieval Indian history one King who is "raja dharma" personified is Chatrapathi Shivaji.Even Vivekananda praises his bravery and heart for poor.Between all cruel muslim rulers a man with his great character withstood these attacks of cruel Kings.Though illiterate he was man of wisdom,he was tolerant towards all religions being a hindu, a complete secular minded.Religious tolerance at its high,he was ready to imbibe good thoughts of other religion being a staunch hindu.One thing we can learn from him is that , when there is a misrule going on, have the bravery to speak out.When he was in aurangazebs court, he was brave enough to the cruel aurangazeb to point out how cruel ruler he was.His chivalry unmatched,generosity at its peak.(to be continued)

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