Thursday, October 29, 2015

Proving There is God(A research)

This article is a challenge to atheist and  atheistic scientific community.After reading this article you will agree with me that there is god.Ever thought how  vladimir lenin(Russian communist revolutionary) alone overthrown such powerful czars, how martin luther king alone galvanized such a big crowd,how Gandhi alone could inspire so many Indians,how vivekananda alone kindled so many people.If you take lenin's case ,how come he got the threat warning early and changed his places frequently,according to me that's divine intuition which kept warning lenin.If you go deeper into Einstein's thought he says::
  There were many scientists greater and more intelligent then Einstein but why his equation so famous? There is something called character which makes people famous.Even further into vivekananda thought he says difference between divine spirit and devil is just grace.If you study vivekananda you can know that divine spirits have grace that separates them with ordinary people.He do mentions that selfless thing is moral. I can infer that more the selflessness more the moral strength
more famous you are.The most common thing in ever famous personality is there selflessness.Where there is selflessness there is grace.For example take bhagath singh, seeing him has a India you always salute him that's grace.Vivekananda very wise head with his reasoning 100 years back just reveled the secret.If you study Einstein's thought he accepts that his inventions are all intuitive.The intuition separates a famous person from infamous.They are two types of intuition divine another devilish,divine intuition are famous people,devilish intuition are infamous(Hitler). (to be continued)       

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