Friday, October 9, 2015

Praying For A Peaceful World

The word peace we hear almost daily, but word is not animated anymore in this world.Increase in violence,impatience making peace imprison in the burial.The word peace which makes us realize the importance of Freedom of speech.Every Constitution in this world specially underlines the importance of Freedom of speech.When freedom of speech is exercised, the level of tolerance in society should increase to maintain peace in this world.
        The peace we dream of is not turning into reality,this shows that level of tolerance in this world is at its abysmal point.Main reason is that people are hating one another,one religion hating other,religious tolerance at its abysmal point.One nation want to prove superiority over other etc.Which not only spoiling peace but also brotherhood feeling.Hope in near future a constitution for the whole world be written, in which brotherhood and peace be a underlining points.Peace is very much related to brotherhood and hatred.May be peace directly proportional to  brotherhood and inversely proportional to hatred in pure mathematical language.
          We get up early with the news of violence at you place or at any part of the world. The only solution to move towards a peaceful world is by educating people to be more patient,more tolerant and emphasizing the importance of brotherhood,we all belongs to the same family of homo sapiens,then why so much hatred,why don't we love same species from same family.Hoping for a peaceful world away from hatred, we can provide a peaceful environment for future generations to come.Signing off my feelings.  


  1. Nice one...and yaa it is very much true that everyday we wake up with a voilence story.

  2. H sathish, the blogsite and the idea are really good.

    1. Thanks srikanth....for your encouragement....started new...will improve it