Monday, October 12, 2015

Bathukamma:Divine Floral fiesta of Telangana

Bathukamma Divine  floral arrangement enucleating its essence,the floral arrangement of different flowers arranged in a rhythmic reverence,unfolds a story of itself.It do emphasizes the beauty of god,the teaching of his divine presence.The god through his floral disciples  embedded a coded message to mankind,a divine insight is needed to fathom it.The different colored flowers do show that people are differently made,think and adore differently.Likeness of there belief being the yardstick to be arranged in same row,we can infer further imagining same colored flowers being  followers of a particular religion bonded together in same row.Beautiful message god likes us to imbibe is that,the row of likeness maybe different for different colored flowers but the fragrance being the same.The floral arrangement do teach us the gods message eloquently that paths leading to god may be different but goal being the same.Gods disciples(flowers) tests the candor of ours towards almighty,so is the nine day Gods disciples(flowers) novitiates us. 

They want to teach god's message to us poetically in a rhythmic credence.The tone of there message might be faint,language being a script but meaning being divine revelation.The flowers carry divine light that displace darkness like ignorance from this world.

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