Saturday, October 10, 2015

Thin Bubble Of Hope....

We live in Thin Bubble of Hope.The Hope makes life to be livable,  positive sense of augur  helps the bubble from shattering.The colorful bubble creates a positive aura in which life never ends.Its  better to live in the bubble of hope then being pessimistic.Hope can be divided into rather pessimistic hope and optimistic hope,the thin bubble of hope being a colorful optimistic hope.The dreams we dream  is always attached to hopes,  hope is the driving force which gives the ignition to our engine,Hope is like a spark plug igniting us to complete our dreams.
      When the thin bubble of hope ruptures,it is the indication of life tending towards misery.Rupturing of hope bubble encourages all negative forces to take over the human mind,that's the indication of a downfall.We have to balance the outside forces in such a way that equilibrium is established and the bubble of hope tends to sustain and  remain unaffected.We can analyse this by taking some real examples of our farmers dying,in there case the rupture of hope bubble impinged all the negative feelings to enter and that  tends to  cause there death.When our life crosses the breaking point of hope bubble, then our life is in real danger.The suicidal tendency occurs when thin bubble of hope ruptures, creating a panic in mind of person.The bubble infringes happiness,bubble teaches how to live life in bereaved moments .My bubble betoken's the balanced ways of living life.My bubble says,how to live a optimized life,which is always colorful when lived like it says.The sensitivity of bubble indicates the balance between happiness and sadness.It do implies that there is just a thin sensitive layer that separates  happiness from sadness.We have to calculate sensitivity appropriately to live in happiness.

Hence we have to live in bubble of hope balancing the external forces, to live a colorful life.

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