Monday, October 26, 2015

Patriotism vs jingoism a study

Lets first start with comprehending words Patriotism and jingoism,Patriotism is a true love for ones country but it even plaudits the work of other countries.Patriotism is a positive feeling which creates a aura of brotherhood, which kindles the competitive spirit which in turn makes a country more developed.From the history we can take many examples of great people who were real patriots ,like gandhi in India, he led Indian National Struggle from front,he was adamant with his beliefs which provided aura of brotherhood and just kindled every Indian.Patriotism in true sense likes ones country to be in world stage. For example in cold war world, its the patriotism that made new technological advancements, its the patriotism which even kindles the intellectual capital of a country to delve into new horizons,its the patriotism which helps to dilate intellect  to unlimited boundaries.Patriotism can be in true sense a kinder form of love for once country.The country which is full of patriotism is the country which moves towards development more faster.In a mathematical way i can infer that Patriotism is directly proportional to the development.Patriotism is a constructive feeling.Patriotism is heavenly.Patriotism is like a flower which tries to blossom and spreads the fragrance in all direction.Patriotism is a selfless love.
        Lets now try to comprehend jingoism, in a true sense jingoism is a violent form of patriotism and a destructive feeling.It never plaudits the work of other countries and never try to learn from others, its a closed form of patriotism.From the history if we take some examples the one person strikes our mind is Adolf Hitler,he was true jingoistic.The result was it mislead whole Germany,it made many people ruthlessly killed.We can see what type of destruction it created.The feeling of jingoism is devilish.In a true mathematical sense jingoism is inversely proportional to development.   Jingoism is like a black hole it takes everything and  returns nothing. Jingoism a selfish love.
         I like to conclude that if a country want to develop and shine , patriotism is the perfect guide which will escort towards that goals.    

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