Friday, October 9, 2015

New Found Love For Electrical :)))

Initially I was interested later ,lost interest.

As  a Electrical Student, I come across transformers lot of times.I completed my Engineering late back.Never in my engineering days,i was ever fascinated or felt any curiosity towards my electrical subjects.Frankly speaking, I never understood these screwing electrical subjects.
      But here is a twist in tale.Time passed i was completely into a different field after  my engineering,But never knowing that again my past subjects would appear pleading me to read them.It was year after telangana formation,our state government released notifications for trasco,genco etc.So i was forced to study these electrical ghost subjects again for the living sake.
      I started my electrical enlightenment from the subject on which i lost my sleep in engineering,the subject was Electrical Machines.I struggled for first two days,but after that i started to find
something special about the subject, might be reignited some lost spirit, I started to love and fascinated by Electrical Machines.I was really  electrically enlightened.That day i though what i missed in my Engineering days.May be second time i was electrically enlightened:)).That day i got to know that when you evaporate fear about a field then mind will take the subject.When you love the field you will never know the time.I started burying my past (Engineering Days),felt the difference between  hating something and loving something.Love change, even made Electrical fascinating,so love is the real winner.  

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